Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth

A Sailor Moon fan comic based on the 1992 anime series
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Hello, and welcome to Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Earth! I'm Jess, your friendly neighborhood webcomic artist. BSSE is a passion project that I started 10 years ago but failed to get very far in because I was a young and dumb college student, but I'm back now and ready to really get this show on the road. This is a Sailor Moon fancomic based off of the 1992 anime series (so there's no association with Sailor Moon Crystal or with the manga). The Sailor Earth uniform is designed by the fabulous Drachea Rannak who allowed me to use it here. Please visit his facebook page if you haven't and give him all the love. You can also visit me on tumblr. Thanks for taking a look! 

All pages created in Clip Studio Paint EX. 

Special thanks to Yasi, Grace, Molly, Russell, Tessa, and Liz for encouraging my continued work on these pages. 

by Sailor Jess